2017 -  Diploma of Anthropology, University of Melbourne

2013 -  Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), Victorian College of the Arts – University of Melbourne

2012 -  Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT University, Melbourne, AU



2017 -  'The Sokhumi Elegies’, Kings Gallery, Melbourne, AU

             'The Sokhumi Elegies', Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, AU

             'Black Garden - Agdam City Number One', Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, AU

2016 -  ‘Svaneti’, Kochi A.I.R, Pepperhouse Studios, Kochi, Kerala, India

2015 -  ‘Sixty-Five Abstracts 2015’, NIICE Public Education, Tbilisi Art Books, Kiev, Ukraine

             ‘Reflection and Proposal on Death and Possible Futures’, Shen Shaomin’s There is No Problem,                           Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China

             ‘Natasha’s House’, Art Nova 100, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China

2014 -   ‘…And Which Has Left In You An Infinity of Traces’, Centre of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia

             ‘Tanpura Study’, Pepperhouse Residency Exhibition, Pepperhouse Studios, Kochi, India

             ’Pocket Holiday (with Zonk Vision)’, Canberra Contemporary Artspace, Canberra, AU

             ‘A Chance Operation of Minor Histories’, Moon Lairs, Little Woods Gallery, Melbourne, AU

             ‘Limbang Study #2’, Bivouac Et. Al., Video Art Screenings, George Revival, Melbourne, AU

             ‘Tunnel Study #4’, Love/City Festival, Toote Fanute, Melbourne, AU

2013 -   'Bivouac', Video Art Screenings, Melbourne, AU

             John Cage 101: Past, Present, Future Conference, UPSI, Tanjong Malim, Malaysia

             'Windsor Study', Luminescence, Hotel Windsor Art Prize, Hotel Windsor, Melbourne, AU

             VCA Honours Group Exhibition, VCA and MCM, Melbourne, AU

2012 -  'Colour Study', .MOV, New Low Gallery, Melbourne, AU

             TarraWarra Biennial 2012: Sonic Spheres, TarraWarra Museum of Art, VIC, AU


2012 -  ‘Unfinished Studies’ 12” LP, ANG01, Angklung Editions

2008 -  ‘Trans-Substantiation’, Independent Web Release

2005 -  ‘Untitled’, Independent Web Release


2015 -  4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art’s Beijing Residency Studio Program with Shen Shaomin


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2010 - present

2010 - present